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Our Take on Privacy & Cybersecurity

| 1 minute read

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Launches Data Privacy and Security Initiative

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has taken a decisive step to safeguard the sensitive information of Texans. On June 6, 2024, AG Paxton announced the launch of a comprehensive Data Privacy and Security Initiative aimed at enhancing the protection of personal data for all residents of Texas.

The initiative underscores the importance of robust data privacy practices and the need for heightened cybersecurity measures across the state. Key components of this initiative include:

Educational Campaigns: To inform the public about data privacy risks and best practices for securing personal information.

Strengthened Enforcement: Enhanced legal frameworks and enforcement actions against entities that fail to protect personal data adequately or engage in unlawful data practices.

Collaborative Efforts: Partnering with businesses, educational institutions, and other stakeholders to promote a culture of data security and privacy awareness.

Resources for Victims: Providing support and resources for individuals who have been affected by data breaches or cyber incidents.

The new initiative comes as the state readies to roll out the Texas Data Privacy and Security Act, which goes live on July 1. Like the more than dozen other comprehensive state data privacy statutes currently on the books, the Texas law requires companies to give consumers the ability to access, delete, correct and opt out the sale and sharing of their personal information, including for targeted advertising purposes. 

The data privacy team will focus on the enforcement of Texas’s privacy protection laws, including the Data Privacy and Security Act, the Identify Theft Enforcement and Protection Act, the Data Broker Law, the Biometric Identifier Act, the Deceptive Trade Practices Act and federal laws including the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The team is "poised to become among the largest in the country focused on enforcing privacy laws," according to Paxton, who added that the initiative, which will be housed in his office's consumer protection division, is aimed at ensuring companies "respect Texans' privacy rights and safeguard their personal data."

AG Paxton emphasized the critical role of data privacy in today’s digital age, noting that protecting personal information is paramount to maintaining public trust and security. The initiative also aligns with broader national efforts to tackle cybersecurity challenges and safeguard citizens’ privacy rights.

"As many companies seek more and more ways to exploit data they collect about consumers, I am doubling down to protect privacy rights," Paxton said in a statement. "With companies able to collect, aggregate, and use sensitive data on an unprecedented scale, we are strengthening our enforcement of privacy laws to protect our citizens."


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